Layers Of Information Security

Last week I spoke in front of 1200 attendees at a Biomass conference in Denver, CO. This Saturday, I will speak to students at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (Go Mustangs!) at the California Student Sustainability Coalition conference. A coalition of veterans and national security organization, Operation Free works tirelessly to share the message of energy security. If you want the best then you should always choose a security camera over an alarm system. If the promise of this system is realized, then we are a step closer to achieving actual energy security. We’re just negotiating. We’re more interested right now, in the Secretary of State and the Secretary of National Security Agency. The Corps representatives allowed as that they could use the provision of USC 591 to “circumvent” the utilities if they are “unwilling or unable to meet unusual standards of service reliability that are necessary for purposes of national defense”.

Although not a major topic of discussion, interaction with the utilities did come up. The MATOC is only the license to hunt; the real business is in the task orders to come. Furthermore, the intelligent software adapts to modifying environments and equipment changes in real time without human user interface and offers enhanced energy security. Even the Harvard Gazette is getting in on the action, but instead of a veteran, they got a real live DOD official. When DOD integrated the Armed Forces it was to better utilize the available man (and woman) power to meet combat requirements. The Smart Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy Reliability and Security (SPIDERS) has recently (June 2012) begun construction for Phase One at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam (JBPHH). The reason is because so many of us are looking for leadership in energy policy and, not finding it in the appropriate government agencies, are looking for anyone to share a vision of American Energy Security.

The mission of DOD is to deter aggression and, should that fail, to fight and win our Nation’s wars. Unfortunately for them, the actions they are taking to ensure energy security and mission continuity are thrusting them in to that role. Where there is a dearth of leadership, DOD’s efforts to secure its own flanks by assured access to mission critical energy appears to be leadership. You are able to access information from any computer, far less likely to lose it and can use local computers with far less power. The patch adds proper validation of the buffer length in trustlet and adds blocks access to unnecessary memory region. The software is installed at the load and/or power source (generator, solar array, etc.) and determines the consumption requirements and the available generation to set priority based on the needs and available energy. This vendor-neutral, open source software-friendly, reality-driven two-day event will teach students the investigative mindset not found in classes that focus solely on tools.

JBPHH is now a named area of interest and we will keep it under observation. Now the only way to get capital letters is by keeping the Shift key pressed first. Many sources are used to get a clear 360 degree understanding of the person that the company is hiring. Those in and out of government, who ascribe political motivation to DOD’s work, fail to understand the strategic importance or, in some cases, even the tactical importance of reducing consumption, distributing intelligently and diversifying sources of energy. That’s more important to us.” He also said, “we are negotiating” who will be Secretary of State. There are also some higher-end, more specialized cameras that are used to protect companies who do not have night watchmen or staff. Those charges are not to be included in any pricing. Of course if the local utility feels cut out of the process and subject to lost revenues, then interconnection and wheeling charges could be astronomical.