Q: what is the Bonus Number?

Drawings at 9 P.M. Sales minimize off at 8:Fifty nine P.M. LOTTO is an thrilling new jackpot recreation from the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery! Match Six to Win the Jackpot! 1. Select six (6) totally different numbers from 1 to 40. Make a heavy vertical mark in the suitable containers. Use one (1) panel for each desired play. Use solely blue or black ink. 2. When you make an error in your number selection, mark the “VOID” field at the underside of that play. 3. Any or all your numbers may be randomly selected by marking the “QUICK PICK” box for each play. 4. Each play prices $2.00 per draw. 5. Drawings are held Wednesday and Saturday at 9:00 P.M. 6. Each play chosen is legitimate for the selected draw only. 7. Seven (7) numbers are drawn from 1 to 40. The seventh number drawn is the Bonus Number. Game Odds shown above are rounded to the nearest complete number.

Jackpot prize shall be divided equally among the variety of Matching 6 of 6 profitable tickets in a draw. Q: What is the Bonus Number? A: The Bonus Number is the seventh number drawn from the same pool of forty numbers. Players will match the Bonus Number towards one of many six numbers on their ticket. Q: Why don’t I want to choose a Bonus Number when buying my ticket? A: When players buy a LOTTO ticket, they will have six numbers on their ticket. This is the same for all entries, whether or not for one drawing or taking part in weeks prematurely. The Bonus Number is the seventh quantity generated on the time of the drawing from the pool of forty numbers. Players do not pick the Bonus Number, so it isn’t printed on a ticket. Q: So, what’s the Bonus Number for? A: The Bonus Number gives gamers, who have matched 5, four, three, or two of the six numbers they selected, a chance to win even better prizes.

For example, the prize for matching 5 numbers without the Bonus Number is $1,500, while the prize for matching five of the first six numbers drawn plus the Bonus Number is $25,000. It additionally creates a brand new prize tier for gamers who’ve matched two of the first six numbers drawn plus the Bonus Number (a $three prize). Q: How will I know what the Bonus Number is for every drawing? LOTTO is a draw-style game that is completely played and received in Arkansas. LOTTO drawings are held each Wednesday and Saturday at 9 p.m. The LOTTO jackpot starts at $250,000 and will increase after every draw until won. Q: Who can play? A: Anyone 18 or older. Q: Where and when are LOTTO drawings held? A: LOTTO drawings are held in Little Rock at 9 p.m. Slot : Which has better odds, picking my very own numbers or requesting a fast Pick? A: Whether you decide your personal numbers or have the terminal randomly choose numbers for you, the odds of successful are the identical.

Q: How a lot do LOTTO tickets value? A: LOTTO tickets price $2 per play. Q: Can I purchase LOTTO tickets prematurely? A: To play multiple upcoming drawings, request from 2 to 20 Multi Drawings either on the playslip or by the retailer. Multi Drawings will include the subsequent upcoming drawing and be consecutive from that drawing. Drawings can’t be skipped. Q: How late can I purchase LOTTO tickets on a draw evening? A: LOTTO sales are suspended one minute previous to the drawing – at 8:Fifty nine p.m. Q: Can a LOTTO ticket be voided or canceled? A: No. Once a LOTTO ticket has been printed, it cannot be canceled. Q: Can I buy tickets online or by mail? A: LOTTO tickets will be bought from any Arkansas licensed lottery retailer and by downloading the Jackpocket app. Q: How does the LOTTO drawing work? A: A player selects six numbers from 1 to 40. On Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9 p.m., seven numbers are drawn from the same pool of forty numbers.

Bonus Number. The seventh number drawn will at all times be the Bonus Number. The player will then match their very own six numbers towards the seven numbers drawn to win. The Bonus Number is an additional number drawn with the six essential numbers. As all the numbers are drawn from the identical pool of numbers, the Bonus Number can’t be the same as one of many six numbers in the same draw. Players don’t pick the Bonus Number. It is randomly drawn to extend a player’s odds of winning. Q: Where can I find the outcomes of the LOTTO drawings? Q: How do I win? A: A participant who matches the first six numbers (fundamental numbers) drawn wins the jackpot. The Bonus Number is related if a participant matches five, four, three, or two important numbers. Players who match the Bonus Number win even better prizes. Q: Where can I check my ticket to see if I have received?